♦   As a life-long resident of Northwest Florida, Representative Doug Broxson has a keen sense of the needs of our region.

♦   With the understanding that our community needs an experienced voice in Tallahassee, Doug Broxson has taken on every issue with fierce commitment.

♦   Never forgetting that Florida is not a once size fits all state, he has worked to tackle issues for the people of his district while keeping their best interests in mind.

♦   As soon as he took office, Doug Broxson knew something had to be done to pump life back into the Gulf Coast after the BP Oil Spill.

  • Doug took the lead and helped to unite the 8 Florida Counties affected by the spill.
  • He brought to light the blatant problems associated with the GCCF process and became a vocal opponent of Ken Feinberg’s lack of consistency and transparency.
  •  He organized multiple oil spill claims workshops with state officials and Panhandle residents to help them navigate the GCCF system.
  • He publicly supported Federal and State legislation that insured potential funds to help with the restoration get sent directly and solely to the region impacted by the spill.

♦   Doug worked to provide some relief for his constituents who own homes with aluminum wiring.  He was able to negotiate with Citizens to come up with a safe alternative so their customers do not have to have their entire homes re-wired and continues to raise awareness of this issue in hopes that other insurers will follow suit.

♦   Doug responded to the growing controversy over the Garçon Point Bridge by taking action to reestablish the Board of Directors of the Santa Rosa County Bay Bridge Authority.

♦   Doug cosponsored a bill to reverse over-reaching legislation that would require annual septic tank inspections and be invasive and a financial burden to northwest Florida residents.

♦   Following the numerous tragedies along Highway 98 in Gulf Breeze, Doug worked to facilitate a quick and decisive response by convincing the Florida Department of Transportation to approve a red light in the most dangerous area of the highway.